Songs from the album “Deeper” by Christine D’Clario now on has added all the songs from Integrity’s recent album “Deeper” by Christine D’Clario to the song library in D’Clario is joined by worship leader/songwriters Anthony Skinner and Leslie Jordan to put voice to these 10 excellent worship songs. D’Clario co-writes on half of the songs on this project and uses standout compositions from others such as label-mates Daniel Bashta, Richie Fike, and others like Paul Mabury (One Sonic Society), Israel Houghton and many others. For a full album review, you read more about it here.

The songs are full featured with complete lyrics, chord charts and full length audio. Check out these great new songs, hear them in the original key, or choose your own key and play it the way you like it.

Kim Gentes

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