Cory Asbury/Bethel Music single “Homecoming” on WorshipTeam

Cory Asbury has released “Homecoming” through Bethel Music and the song is now loaded into “Homecoming” is a recording of a great new song.

“HOMECOMING — these last few years we haven’t seen each other’s faces, we haven’t gathered in public, and we haven’t been with family. this is the beginning of us going back to “the why” of BETHEL MUSIC

this is who we are
this is what we do
this is what we’ve always done.

we gather the church and worship the King — this is our reminder.
home is with Him and
this is our HOMECOMING” – Bethel

The song is loaded and ready to use- just access your system database.

The song is full featured with complete lyrics, chord charts and full length audio. Check out this great new song, hear it in the original key, or choose your own key and play it the way you like it.

Cody Gentes

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