Audio Now Available on WT Mobile!

“Will there ever come a time when we can play the set on a mobile device?”

YES – The time has come! We have heard loud and clear from our customers the need to play their sets while away from their computers. Now when viewing your set, or a song within your set, you will see a Play button on WT Mobile. Simply click the play button and within a few moments it will be “music to your ears”.

Windows Mobile users will be prompted to install the music player from the WT Mobile login screen. iPhones, iTouches and Blackberries work without any additional software or configuration.

Aside from the obvious benefit of mobile access as you are traveling, in your car or at the office, WT Mobile audio means that most teams no longer need to worry about burning CDs, downloading mp3s or audio files and such. Most mobile devices have stereo mini-jacks/ports that can feed into a church sound system, an audio docking station (such as iHome etc), car or home stereos. Your audio is now portable and you can practice with it, listen to it, and take it with you as far as your mobile connection can go. This is a wonderful advantage for worship teams, musicians and worship leaders. And it is all legal and completely included with your subscription at no extra cost, meaning you don’t have to worry about additional purchasing of licensing or listening resources for your team to have access to audio.

2 thoughts on “Audio Now Available on WT Mobile!”

  1. WT on mobile – awesome. But when I tried it doesn’t log me in. I’m using an Ipod touch. It just keeps going back to login screen. Even when i tried on regular site – back to login screen.

  2. Stewart —

    thanks for the note.. we have done two things to help with your mobile experience–
    1. a brand new BETA mobile site now is online. Go to and enjoy a whole unique experience with a new interface and functional set for mobile.

    2. for iPod touch/iPhone/iPad devices, we now have a unique app– search for WorshipTeam in the App Store and download the app. It has great mobile functionality . JUST out today in our first BETA app. try it out, let us know what you think.

    Kim Gentes

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