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Leeland has released “Heart & Flesh” featuring TAYA and the song is now loaded into WorshipTeam.com “Heart & Flesh” is a recording of a great new song.

Leeland introduce new single ‘Heart & Flesh’ announcing a brand-new album, the eighth for the trailblazing Houston-based band. The new release features Australian singer-songwriter and Hillsong powerhouse TAYA, whose passion and exceptional vocals blend beautifully with Leeland’s creative and spiritual essence. Inspired by Psalm 84 and its poetic beckoning, ‘Heart & Flesh’ invites the listener to be a place of habitation for the presence of the Lord. Lead singer Leeland Mooring explains that, “It’s Christ’s abiding presence that satisfies the thirst in my soul, accepts my doubts and questions, and yet covers me with peace.”

With this song, Leeland inspires us to consider God’s desire to abide with his people and meditate on his endless love which in turn kindles a longing for his presence in our lives. The song was born right at the end of a song writing day when TAYA brought up an idea Mooring sang earlier that day. “We immediately unpacked the guitars again, put our backpacks down and began to worship… this song sort of wrote itself,” he comments, as TAYA notes the simplicity and holiness of that moment.

‘Heart & Flesh’ initially evolves on a minor melody which shifts into a spacious and compelling soundscape saturated with delicate harmonies. Interpreting the song with honesty and simultaneously daring to prophetically veer off its frame, Leeland and TAYA capture the range of emotions contained in the new single. “I hope this song serves the people of God as a reminder that it is in our DNA to seek out and respond to God; He can truly fulfil any desire, longing and searching for He is the All Sufficient One,” the Australian singer adds. The song carries the conceptual and musical core of Leeland’s forthcoming album, introducing listeners to the fresh space in which the band have been living and creating for the past two years. “We pray that as people sing, the Spirit of God writes a letter to the Lord on their hearts saying, ‘My heart and my flesh cry out for the living God,'”

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