Dante Bowe/Bethel Music single “Voice Of God” on WorshipTeam

Dante Bowe, Steffany Gretzinger, & Chandler Moore have released “Voice Of God” through Bethel Music and the song is now loaded into WorshipTeam.com “Voice Of God” is a recording of a great new song.

“There’s no sweeter sound than the sound of His voice. His voice is life. His voice is home. It’s the voice that holds all things together. It’s a constant in the midst of change and unknown. It’s comfort in the midst of heartache and hurting. It’s the voice that never stops speaking. All that’s required of us is to sit still and listen. Lean into it. Because the more you lean into it, the more you’ll know it.”- Dante Bowe

The song is loaded and ready to use- just access your WorshipTeam.com system database.

The song is full featured with complete lyrics, chord charts and full length audio. Check out this great new song, hear it in the original key, or choose your own key and play it the way you like it.

Cody Gentes

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WorshipTeam.com Music Stand “Perform” function

WorshipTeam.com updated its service to add a nice new feature for those who love using chord charts and songs from WorshipTeam.com.

For iPad or android tablet owners, check out the new “perform” function now online in the new UI on the mobile site. The goal of the “Perform” button is to allow you to have a simple, clean interface with readable chord charts displayed allowing you to page through them, just like you would for a physical songbook on a music stand. Great for use on a stage, in a small group or at home practicing. Your service/set is ready to go without having to print anything off.

Here is is how to try it out —

  • STEP 1: From your tablet or iPad go to http://m.worshipteam.com . Login and select the “Services” option to see your upcoming services.
  • STEP 2: Go to one of your upcoming services on your schedule and select the “Perform” button.
  • STEP 3: You will see the first song appear. Controls on the top right allow you to page through the songs. You can also use motion/swipe to move through the songs.
  • STEP 4: Formatting controls are at the bottom of the page if you would like different font and size properties. Note that you can turn chords on or off, depending on your needs (vocalists often only want lyrics displayed for example).