WorshipTeam WebCast Update Available on Demand


The webcast that we did on August 31 is now archived on the web for you to view anytime. We will keep it online for the next 30 days for those who missed the webcast. You can view it here:

For those tuned in live for the event, Kim apologizes for the delay in beginning the webcast. We had some non-technical issues that had me unable to begin at the originally scheduled time. Since we know that some people were logging in for that specific time, we have placed the web cast on archive for those who were on a tight schedule and couldn’t wait to view the session. Again, you can now view it at:

Kim Gentes

WorshipTeam.com Completes Server UPGRADES!

UPGRADE NOTICE: WorshipTeam.com was temporarily offline March 1 from 11pm – 12midnight EST for system upgrades.

What: We were Upgrading our servers to increase capacity and speed of the WorshipTeam.com service.

When: COMPLETED 11pm – 1am EST (March 1, 2010)

Why: As hundreds of churches continue to join WorshipTeam.com regularly, we continue to stay a step ahead of the needs of our customers. Upgrading our servers enables us to add more great features for our current customers, and add more capacity for future churches and ministries who are looking to be served by the #1 LEGAL worship planning solution in the world.

CURRENT STATUS: Online! WorshipTeam.com is back online and running faster than ever!

Serving with you,
Kim Gentes

Creating Instant PowerPoint Slides From WorshipTeam.com

One the great features of Worshipteam.com is its ability to generate instant Powerpoint slides for you of the set of songs you desire. While many churches are using display presentation software to enhance their worship, Powerpoint is still the number 1 choice as the method of displaying lyrics and sermon notes in churches. Obviously this is due to relative low cost and familiarity of the software for local churches and their staffs. That said, if you are using Powerpoint in your services, Worshipteam.com is here to make your job as easy as one (1) single click.

Here is the simple method of creating those Powerpoints, pre-formatted and ready to roll for Sunday morning.

1. Login to Worshipteam.com. Find the set that you wish to create a Powerpoint presentation of. You should see the set player like as below here:

2. Select the “Export” button at the top right portion of the set player. This will launch the “Export Options” dialog. You will see the export dialog as shown here :

3. In my example, I chose “Yellow” font and “Blue” background. I left the other options defaulted. You can choose whatever you would like for the options. Click the “Export” button on the lower right. A Powerpoint file (PPT file type) will be downloaded to your computer.

4. Open the file and view your Worshipteam.com set that has been made into a basic Powerpoint presentation. It should look good and be formatted with good lyric breaks similar to below:

Customize the presentation according to your local church needs and use. The goal of the Powerpoint presentation generator in Worshipteam.com is to make quick Powerpoints for you, that you can customize or use as you wish. The songs will be ordered in the same order you have them in the set, and each song will have its song sections ordered in the same way you arranged that song, allowing you to move straight forward through the presentation, as long as your song arrangement matches the way you want the lyrics presented to your congregation.

Kim Gentes


WorshipTeam.com on Facebook & Twitter!

We truly have an amazing customer base and consider it an honor to work with you to promote the Kingdom! Join us on Facebook: http://bit.ly/174O9L and Twitter: http://bit.ly/42rbla to communicate with us as well as other WorshipTeam.com users.

We even have discussions on Facebook where you can tell us what you like, what you don’t like and what additional features you would like to see added so we can ensure our service is a blessing to you and your ministry.

We will continue to update our Blog as new features are released.

Worship Team Members Tutorial

Now the worship team members who are added to your group have a customized video tutorial that can help them get up and running in just a few minutes with Worshipteam.com. See the tutorial here:
Hope that helps those who want some online video help with quickly getting familiar with our service.

“Songs” Detailed Section Video

There is a new video detailing the songs section of Worshipteam.com. It is available for all users who click on the (?) help icon in the SONGS section and watch the video. It is accessible below as well:
In addition, there is even more detailed functions and powerful features of songs within the SONGS section functions themselves, but this is a good overview of its functions.

“Getting Started with WorshipTeam.com” – a tour of the site for the new administrator

We have added a video that browses through the 6 main sections of the Worshipteam.com and allows new planners/administrators the opportunity to get a few minutes of seeing the power of the new service. The video is available from the dashboard when you login, and is below:
We hope it helps give you a good overview of the deep functionality in Worshipteam.com

“Add People” Quick Start Video

When an administrator logins in to Worshipteam.com, they can see a new quick start video on the dashboard (called Quickstart 1) that is a short tutorial on Adding People to their group. It is as follows:


That should help get you started quickly on building your team and adding people to your group.

New Quick Start Tutorials

We have just added 3 brand new Quick start tutorial videos. These are just a few minutes each, and cover the most important aspects of the Worshipteam.com service. Right from the start, users can see how to quickly add people, build a worship list, place it in an event on the calendar, and assign people to the event. These basic steps will have you up and running Worshipteam.com quickly and easily.

The three new videos added are :

  • Add People – this shows you how to quickly add your people and build your teams/group.
  • Get Ready For Sunday – run through the 3 basic steps to preparing for your Sunday morning and practices by, selecting songs/building a set, assigning the set to the calendar, and assign people to the event.
  • Getting Started with Worshipteam.com – get overview of all the major sections, features and functions of the entire service. A great tour of the entire site.

Here is an example of the tutorial video. This is the “Get Ready For Sunday” quick start video.


These tutorial videos are available on the dashboard (landing page) immediately after you login to your Worshipteam.com account.

In addition, we have added 6 new tutorials regarding main sections or Worshipteam.com, including a tutorial video for: Calendar, Songs, Sets (worship lists), Documents, Communicate and People. These are available by selecting the (?) question mark icon on the main page of each section and clicking “Watch Video”.

New Intro Video with Don Moen

We have just added a new version of the introduction video to the site to help people understand what the service is all about. This features Don Moen explaining worship planning from a worship leaders perspective, and a explanation that includes benefits of the Worshipteam.com services.

Check it out when you get a chance.