WorshipTeam.com Music Stand “Perform” function

WorshipTeam.com updated its service to add a nice new feature for those who love using chord charts and songs from WorshipTeam.com.

For iPad or android tablet owners, check out the new “perform” function now online in the new UI on the mobile site. The goal of the “Perform” button is to allow you to have a simple, clean interface with readable chord charts displayed allowing you to page through them, just like you would for a physical songbook on a music stand. Great for use on a stage, in a small group or at home practicing. Your service/set is ready to go without having to print anything off.

Here is is how to try it out —

  • STEP 1: From your tablet or iPad go to http://m.worshipteam.com . Login and select the “Services” option to see your upcoming services.
  • STEP 2: Go to one of your upcoming services on your schedule and select the “Perform” button.
  • STEP 3: You will see the first song appear. Controls on the top right allow you to page through the songs. You can also use motion/swipe to move through the songs.
  • STEP 4: Formatting controls are at the bottom of the page if you would like different font and size properties. Note that you can turn chords on or off, depending on your needs (vocalists often only want lyrics displayed for example).

iPhone, iTouch, iPad app releases for WorshipTeam.com

WorshipTeam.com is very pleased to announce the release of our new iOS app, for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch devices.

  • New Mobile/Device Interface: the new app is part of a new BETA look and feel to WorshipTeam.com’s complete full featured operation. Highlighting the power of a sleeker user interface along with the iOS platform, this user engagement is taken to a new level.
  • Device Support for iOS: Great support for the new Apple apps platform.
  • Extending the planning and song access to your WorshipTeam.com account: need to check the upcoming set for the week on your iPhone? Want to contact members of your worship team now? Confirming invitations to your upcoming services? Need to listen to your songs stored on WorshipTeam.com from your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch? All this and more happens in the new iOS application from WorshipTeam.com .
  • No Extra Charge! that is right, we are extending your WorshipTeam.com access with this app at no extra cost. Any WorshipTeam.com subscriber now has iPhone/iPad/iPod touch access to their WorshipTeam.com accounts and workspace and its included in your current subscription!

WorshipTeam.com is still the only FULLY featured and legal worship planning site with thousands of songs included with your subscription fees at no extra cost. We hope this free iPhone/iPad/iTouch app helps you and your team with their planning and songs experience with Worshipteam.com.

If you are on your iOS device, download and install the app for free right here:

Kim Gentes

p.s. if you have never tried out Worshipteam.com, try it FREE for one month by simply going here: http://www.worshipteam.com/try ! See you there. And YES- your free trial subscription INCLUDES full use of the iPhone, iPad, iTouch app!

WorshipTeam WebCast Update Available on Demand


The webcast that we did on August 31 is now archived on the web for you to view anytime. We will keep it online for the next 30 days for those who missed the webcast. You can view it here:

For those tuned in live for the event, Kim apologizes for the delay in beginning the webcast. We had some non-technical issues that had me unable to begin at the originally scheduled time. Since we know that some people were logging in for that specific time, we have placed the web cast on archive for those who were on a tight schedule and couldn’t wait to view the session. Again, you can now view it at:

Kim Gentes

WorshipTeam Online Session via WorshipStream.com

WorshipTeam.com Friends,

Some great news! Coming up on August 31 we will be having an online Web Session (hosted by our friends at WorshipStream.com) that will be all about WorshipTeam.com and some exciting news for our churches and users!

You can join us at online at:

The event will be Tuesday, August 31 at 4:00pm CST (2:00pm Pacific)! It is completely FREE, and is especially for all our WorshipTeam.com users and churches. We will keep the broadcast brief, so it won’t take up much of your time. We will cover:

  • Some tips/tricks with making the most of WorshipTeam.com
  • Exciting new content we are adding (more songs, more music companies involved)
  • WorshipTeam.com V2!! Yes, we are hard at work on a very exciting set of comprehensive additions and improvements to Worshipteam.com. You get a sneak Peak!! Come check it out!

Finally, I want to encourage you to please check out our friends at WorshipStream.com , who are doing this webstream for us. If you have a church who is thinking about broadcasting /streaming your church services I’d encourage you to check them out. You can see the small graphic and link at the bottom of this blog post for more information.

Hope to see you online on August 31 at: http://video.worshipstream.com/channel/worshipteam

Kim Gentes

WorshipTeam.com Users Chime In

Here is a video of Danny Mullins, a worship leader in Arizona recorded this video of how his church uses WorshipTeam.com for us to share with you.


Thanks Danny!

If you have never tried WorshipTeam.com before, you can try it for FREE for a month, just go here : http://www.worshipteam.com/try

If you are a current user of WorshipTeam.com, let us know how you are using the service. We’d love to hear your story too!

Kim Gentes


WorshipTeam.com Completes Server UPGRADES!

UPGRADE NOTICE: WorshipTeam.com was temporarily offline March 1 from 11pm – 12midnight EST for system upgrades.

What: We were Upgrading our servers to increase capacity and speed of the WorshipTeam.com service.

When: COMPLETED 11pm – 1am EST (March 1, 2010)

Why: As hundreds of churches continue to join WorshipTeam.com regularly, we continue to stay a step ahead of the needs of our customers. Upgrading our servers enables us to add more great features for our current customers, and add more capacity for future churches and ministries who are looking to be served by the #1 LEGAL worship planning solution in the world.

CURRENT STATUS: Online! WorshipTeam.com is back online and running faster than ever!

Serving with you,
Kim Gentes

What Worship Leaders are saying about WorshipTeam.com

We are happy be helping churches everywhere. Some of our users are so excited about worshipteam.com, they are sending in emails, notes and encouragements. Danny Mullins, a worship leader in Arizona recorded this video of how his church uses WorshipTeam.com for us to share with you.


Thanks Danny!

Let us know how you are using WorshipTeam.com. We’d love to hear your story too.

Kim Gentes