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Vineyard Worship has released “Real Thing” featuring Carla Harding and the song is now loaded into “Real Thing” is a recording of a great new song.

Vineyard Worship’s second single ‘Real Thing’ taken from their forthcoming EP Christ In All Things, is a potent and uptempo song written in in a season of global lockdown written by UK-based Marc James, Norwegian songwriter David André Østby and Vineyard Nordic Worship’s Maria Lundbak Hinge. Uncertainty was permeating their creative process and the quest for a “true narrative” amid political divisions, riots, and restrictions was a worldwide obsession. ‘Real Thing’ emerges as a powerful anthem for the Church, reaffirming the enduring reality of the Kingdom of God which is continuously flourishing.

“This song was birthed out of a longing to see the church rise from the ashes and shine bright in this world in this time again,” Marc says. Biblically, this new release from Vineyard Worship is rooted in themes of repentance, returning and refreshing as the song combines lament and hopeful joy at once. ‘Real Thing’ stands as a rallying cry for unity within the Church, written in unity.

“The reason for what we do is to build up and edify one another,” Marc emphasises.

The new single sung by Carla Harding (24/7 Prayer) is an invitation to ask ourselves some hard questions and a simultaneous source of inspiration to live uncompromisingly within God’s eternal vision for his beloved world.

The song is loaded and ready to use- just access your system database.

The song is full featured with complete lyrics, chord charts and full length audio. Check out this great new song, hear it in the original key, or choose your own key and play it the way you like it.

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