WorshipTeam.com welcomes SimpleVille Music family (MercyMe, Phil Wickham, The Afters, and others)

Simpleville Music is the publishing company for a lot of great music. From platinum hits like “I Can Only Imagine” from MercyMe to worship favorites like “Cannons” from Phil Wickham, Simpleville has a treasure of great songs that local churches love in their worship repertoire.

WorshipTeam.com has just signed Simpleville Music on as a participating publisher in its service. This means that all Simpleville songs are immediately authorized for use in Worshipteam.com. We will begin immediately adding songs from MercyMe, Phil Wickham and other Simpleville writers to our service so that you can access them for your weekly planning of services, with correct chord charts, lyrics and integrated audio, allowing you to check out these great new songs, hear them in the original key, or choose your own key and play it the way you like it. You should start to see Simpleville songs appear in the Worshipteam.com song database in the next few weeks as we add the songs.

Like every songwriter, worship leader and artist whose songs are in Worshipteam.com, not only are the they licensing the use of their songs into the local churches music teams by doing this- but at Worshipteam.com we are committed to supporting them by sending all the appropriate royalties back to them. Nearly 50% of all the fees collected at Worshipteam.com flow back to the people who own and create the songs that are included in Worshipteam.com!

Kim Gentes

WorshipTeam.com Users Chime In

Here is a video of Danny Mullins, a worship leader in Arizona recorded this video of how his church uses WorshipTeam.com for us to share with you.


Thanks Danny!

If you have never tried WorshipTeam.com before, you can try it for FREE for a month, just go here : http://www.worshipteam.com/try

If you are a current user of WorshipTeam.com, let us know how you are using the service. We’d love to hear your story too!

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What Worship Leaders are saying about WorshipTeam.com

We are happy be helping churches everywhere. Some of our users are so excited about worshipteam.com, they are sending in emails, notes and encouragements. Danny Mullins, a worship leader in Arizona recorded this video of how his church uses WorshipTeam.com for us to share with you.


Thanks Danny!

Let us know how you are using WorshipTeam.com. We’d love to hear your story too.

Kim Gentes


WorshipTeam.com Songs Export Instantly To ProPresenter

ProPresenter Presentation Software is nicely done Mac display software for churches. ProPresenter users can access Worshipteam.com songs quickly and import them into their ProPresenter song library.

MAIN STEP 1: Export from WorshipTeam.com to a ProPresenter readable Song file format– Follow these simple steps to export your Worshipteam.com songs into ProPresenter readable song file formaat. Worshipteam.com supports this easily as follows:

  1. Simply log into Worshipteam.com and go to view any set you wish to export (including all the songs in the set) to ProPresenter.
  2. Select the “Export” icon from the icons at the top of the set.
  3. A dialog will appear for exporting. Select the “ProPresenter” radio option
  4. Click “Export” button.
  5. Worshipteam.com will generate a file of your set that is in a compatible import file for ProPresenter. Save that file where you can find it from ProPresenter.

MAIN STEP 2: Import the Song files into ProPresenter –

  1. Open ProPresenter.
  2. Select the menu option from “File > Import > Import Presentation” (as below)
  3. Select the name of the song file that you exported from WorshipTeam.com in the above section. Click “Choose”.
  4. On the Import Behavior dialog, select “Import into Library Only” (once in the library, you can reuse these songs in any presentation you later develop).
    Choose “Paragraph Break” as the delimiter.
  5. When you are ready, click “Continue”.
  6. The songs will be quickly imported and placed in the ProPresenter song library.
  7. You will now find your songs in your ProPresenter song library!

Enjoy the power of Worshipteam.com songs in your ProPresenter display presentations.

Kim Gentes

Creating Instant PowerPoint Slides From WorshipTeam.com

One the great features of Worshipteam.com is its ability to generate instant Powerpoint slides for you of the set of songs you desire. While many churches are using display presentation software to enhance their worship, Powerpoint is still the number 1 choice as the method of displaying lyrics and sermon notes in churches. Obviously this is due to relative low cost and familiarity of the software for local churches and their staffs. That said, if you are using Powerpoint in your services, Worshipteam.com is here to make your job as easy as one (1) single click.

Here is the simple method of creating those Powerpoints, pre-formatted and ready to roll for Sunday morning.

1. Login to Worshipteam.com. Find the set that you wish to create a Powerpoint presentation of. You should see the set player like as below here:

2. Select the “Export” button at the top right portion of the set player. This will launch the “Export Options” dialog. You will see the export dialog as shown here :

3. In my example, I chose “Yellow” font and “Blue” background. I left the other options defaulted. You can choose whatever you would like for the options. Click the “Export” button on the lower right. A Powerpoint file (PPT file type) will be downloaded to your computer.

4. Open the file and view your Worshipteam.com set that has been made into a basic Powerpoint presentation. It should look good and be formatted with good lyric breaks similar to below:

Customize the presentation according to your local church needs and use. The goal of the Powerpoint presentation generator in Worshipteam.com is to make quick Powerpoints for you, that you can customize or use as you wish. The songs will be ordered in the same order you have them in the set, and each song will have its song sections ordered in the same way you arranged that song, allowing you to move straight forward through the presentation, as long as your song arrangement matches the way you want the lyrics presented to your congregation.

Kim Gentes


WorshipTeam.com Songs Access for EasyWorship Users

EasyWorship is one the simpler display software choices available for churches. It provides many good basic functions without a lot of power-tools for advanced media and display. EasyWorship users can access Worshipteam.com songs in two different ways.

OPTION 1 is available to EasyWorship users who want to import songs from Worshipteam.com and edit them one at a time to customize the song as they import it.

OPTION 2 is available to EasyWorship users who want to import an entire group of songs from Worshipteam.com and batch process them into their EasyWorship database.

Each of the above options are explained below, depending what your situation is.

Before discussing each option for EasyWorship, you should understand that EasyWorship does not have an import that allows you to bring in multiple songs directly with its main program. In the EasyWorship program itself it does allow you to import one song at a time via the EasyWorship “New Song” function (this is discussed below as “OPTION 1”). However, you can import multiple songs outside of the main program, if you have their *EZconverter* utility to import batches of songs (this is discussed below as “OPTION 2”). EasyWorship also hides their database converter from users and you must personally request it to get it. Because they hide this from users, don’t support importing inside the main program and don’t officially support the importer program, their song database functions are least useful of all of the song display programs.

That said, we provide a lot of good information here on a couple straightforward methods for getting your worshipteam.com songs into EasyWorship.

Exporting your songs from Worshipteam.com — Regardless of how you want to import the songs in EasyWorship (either OPTION 1 or 2), exporting the set of songs from Worshipteam.com is the same. Here is how your export your songs from WorshipTeam.com for EasyWorship use:

  1. Log into Worshipteam.com and go to view any set you wish to export (including all the songs in the set) to EastyWorship.
  2. Select the “Export” icon from the icons at the top of the set.
  3. A dialog will appear for exporting. Select the “EastyWorship” radio option, and click “Export” button.
  4. Worshipteam.com will generate a ZIP file of your set of songs. Save that ZIP file where you can find it.
  5. Go the ZIP file and extract the contents of it (several files) into a folder that only contains those files (nothing else). This will make it simple to know what songs you are importing, and it won’t confuse the EasyWorship song importer (OPTION 2), which will import every song it sees in a directory.

Your songs are now exported from Worshipteam.com and are ready for EasyWorship to import them.

There are two options you now have to import the songs into EasyWorship:

OPTION 1. Import single songs into EasyWorship— In this scenario, you will import songs from Worshipteam.com, one at a time, into Easy Worship. Here is how that works:

  1. Open the EasyWorship program.
  2. Select the “Songs>New Song” option from the command menu.
  3. This will bring up the “New Song” dialog.
  4. On that dialog, select the “Import new song” button to the right of the Song Title field (next to the I-info button).
  5. When you select that button, browse to the location of your songs. And choose the song you wish to import.
  6. The song will be loaded and you can review it and click OK when done.
  7. Do this with each new song you want import into EasyWorship.

OPTION 2. Batch Import a lot of songs into EasyWorship

Before Batch Importing songs into EasyWorship You Must Acquire the song database importer for EasyWorship. You can get the EasyWorship ezConvert program from EasyWorship technical support directly. NOTE: they did not provide this by default to all their users. You must request it directly from them, which they communicate here:

It is also found online as well at :


where a user describes how it operates. (some good information there). Once you have the ezConvert.exe program from EasyWorship, follow the steps below and import the songs into EasyWorship.

  1. Make sure EasyWorship main program is CLOSED (shut down).
  2. Launch the ezConvert.exe program you acquired. (you may get a security warning, select RUN if asked)
  3. You will get a EasyWorship Conversion Utility (we have tested version v1.6 of the utility and it worked on both EasyWorship 2007 and EasyWorship 2009). Click “Next” on the first screen of the converter wizard.
  4. On the second screen, select “CCLI Text Files” as the “Conversion type:”.
  5. Browse to the directory that contains your song files by selecting the “…” button next to the “File(s) to convert:” field.
  6. Browse to the directory that contains EasyWorship database files by selecting the “…” button next to the “Root EasyWorship directory” field. You want to select a directory that contains a “data” directory itself. It might be something like “C:\Users\Public\Documents\Softouch\EasyWorship\Default\Databases”, depending on your computer configuration. You should see the options looking similar to below
  1. Select “Next” and the songs in the directory will be imported into the EasyWorship database.
  2. Once the program is done it will tell you how many songs it processed.

You should now be able to open up EasyWorship and see all the songs you exported from Worshipteam.com in the EasyWorship song database.

No matter what display presentation software you are going to use, exporting the songs from Worshipteam.com is easy and quick. Unfortunately, despite its name, importing songs into EasyWorship is not as straightforward as other presentation software programs. However, once you have them in the database, you should be ready to create your presentations in EasyWorship.

Kim Gentes


“Heaven Came Down” from Vineyard writer Marie Barnett

“Heaven Came Down” is a brilliant new worship album from Marie Barnett (author of the song Breathe) and her husband John Barnett. All twelve of these new acoustic-roots styled songs from this album are now online at Worshipteam.com. The songs, with full lyrics, chord charts and audio, are all online and available for any subscriber to use instantly.

Some beautifully renditioned songs from this veteran Vineyard worship writer and leader, we encourage you to check them out (click on the New Songs tab in the songs section). We hope you enjoy them. If you haven’t tried WorshipTeam.com, you can try it out for one month free and enjoy these songs from Marie Barnett along with 5,000 other top worship songs from all the top publishers and independents.