Hillsongs Added

We just finished adding hundreds of songs from popular worship publisher Hillsong Australia. This includes their ENTIRE catalog of songs, with lyrics, chord charts and full length original audio from their recordings. Of course, like all songs in Worshipteam.com, you can change keys, make custom versions, make capo chord charts, and change arrangements at will.

These are now published live in our catalog for you to use when you plan your worship in Worshipteam.com. This includes songs like

  • Mighty To Save
  • Hosanna
  • From The Inside Out
  • Everyday
  • Shout To The Lord
  • Came To My Rescue
  • Worthy is the Lamb
  • God Is Great
  • I Give You My Heart
  • and hundreds more from Hillsong…

Occasionally, people ask us if our service is legal, and we are glad they do! YES, we are completely LEGAL. We think it is very important to honor God in our lives, not just when we sing songs. As such, we go to publishers around the world and license legal use of their songs for use in our service- that way, you don’t have to worry about it! You subscription to Worshipteam.com includes all our song catalog at no extra cost. And you can view, print and listen to any song an unlimited number of times!

You get all the benefit of us having done all this work for you, and the songwriters are taken care of – in fact, we pay out fully 50% of all the revenue we bring in from your subscriptions as royalties to songwriters, artist and music companies.

Worshipteam.com is the only online worship planner that includes thousands of songs LEGALLY from many of the popular worship publishers. And don’t be fooled- your CCLI license does NOT cover using chord charts, audio or any other form of songs in an online tool like a planner. In fact, other sites and planners without licensing are hoping you won’t notice that using songs in their systems is illegal.

So when you use Worshipteam.com, you can put your mind at rest- we have done the licensing for all the songs included in the service (now over 4300 popular songs and growing!). You just enjoy saving time with Worshipteam.com and planning your worship, knowing you are operating legally.

New Event View

Worshipteam.com has exceptional tools for scheduling, calendaring and handling events in your ministry. Now the details of any event on your calendar are presented in an instant changeable view. The new event view looks like this:

You will notice that the new event view has “Add” buttons for people and sets (along with other features). In this new event view adding a participant is done quickly but clicking the “Add” button next to “Person”. This will bring up a list of people you can add such as:

All you do is select the person/skills that you wish to add to this event and click “Add” and they are added. You can remove a person by simply clicking the “X” that is marked to the right of their name.

Likewise, sets can also be added and removed (using the “Add” button or the “X” buttons).

Again, this is the simple event view allowing you to make quick changes to your event.

Another nice feature of the new event view screen is the quick “Notify” button. This allows you to send an instant reminder to anyone about the event.

Of course, you can still do the invitations to events where people can opt in/out of anything on the calendar (you do that when you use “Quick Event” or “Create Event”).

Worshipteam.com allows you to do any configuration of event management and invitation, depending on your needs.

New Intro Video with Don Moen

We have just added a new version of the introduction video to the site to help people understand what the service is all about. This features Don Moen explaining worship planning from a worship leaders perspective, and a explanation that includes benefits of the Worshipteam.com services.

Check it out when you get a chance.